Friday, May 29, 2009

Just Doin' What I Do: Without a Net (No Coffee!)

I am finding it necessary to take frequent breaks between rounds of crocheting - which is the nicest way possible of saying..

I am a HARD-HEAD who does not listen to friends or medical professionals when they tell me to REST my wrist in order to allow the cyst to shrink.
Currently, I am working on several hookin' projects:
one to share with ya'll - you know... everyone loves em no matter how crappy they turn out to be... A FREEBIE

a semi-commissioned piece (which simply means that a very good friend asked me for a favor and who in the world would charge a friend?)
my attempt at a first *etsy sale* pattern

Ugh, designing (actually writing patterns down so that someone else can easily make what you've made) is frustrating as all HELL! I keep having to stop/start... start/stop/write.. I need to find my tape recorder!

AND an inspired piece from a previous blog entry.

Inspired by 203gow, I wanted to do a bonsai of my own for my living room. I didn't want to *copy* hers so I did a Google search on flowering bonsai and found my inspiration photo. As you can see from the photos, I still have a ways to go but it was actually very relaxing crocheting this piece thus far. The 'tree' kind of grew itself. I could not duplicate it even if someone offered to pay me highly. It's twists and turns and bends all seemed to put themselves in .. effortlessly.

Oh, yeah.. I am taking it easy... NOT

In addition to crocheting, I am going to be picking my floss back up and probably sticking myself in the finger more times than I will care to count as soon as my eBay purchase arrives in the mail.

I am sooo excited! But I just wanted everyone to know, I've not forgotten about anyone..
I am still around.. still plodding along... stay tuned for updates and goodies as I get time..
but just a warning.. today's a rough day.. NO COFFEE!!! I ran out of cream!! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa