Friday, June 22, 2018

Summer Tech Bag: Watermelon Chromebook Storage Cover

If you have grown up in just about any state in the US - you know, one of summertime's favorite treats is Watermelon!!  Watermelons have become synonymous with summer and it's not an accident.

This sweet fruit, with it's thirst quenching, heat battling chunks, were always a favorite when I was growing up and as a Mom myself, I don't feel any guilt in serving up this low maintenance, healthy summertime nosh to my own kids - better than chips or ice cream...
okay, sorry - no, nothing is better than ice cream - but you know what I mean!

So, with the first day of Summer being yesterday, I think it's a perfect time to share my Watermelon Tech Bag - an homage to this delectable, hot weather favorite.

Skill Level: Easy / Advanced Beginner
Measurements 12.5 inches tall/ 8.5 inches wide (approx.) 
Gauge :  12 rows of 12 single crochet = 3 inches/squared
Yardage :  Main Color: less than 7oz/364yrds, Accent Colors: less than 4oz/202yrds

General Notes:
- This pattern is worked in continuous spiral rounds unless otherwise noted.
- This pattern utilizes standard US Crochet Terms.
- Any changes in materials to this pattern, (hook size/yarn weight) will not produce the measurements above.
- This pattern is sized to the Lenovo Chromebook commonly used in our public schools.  You can alter the size of your storage cover by adding stitches to the beginning chain, however your end count will change from that listed below.  If adjusting size: allow approximately .5 inch overhang on beg ch to account for width of electronics to be fitted inside.

Materials Used in Model: 
Red Heart® WW 4-Ply Yarn in 0672 Spring Green, 0313 Aran, 0705 Grenadine and 0312 Black 
Size US H/8-5.00mm Crochet Hook 
Yarn Needle for Sewing 
2 - 1&1/8th inch (28mm) Black Buttons

with Spring Green, 

Chain 30,
___ Rnd 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in ea of nxt 27 sts, 3 sc in end ch st - rotate piece to allow you to work up the other side of original beg chain (as if a flat round), sc in ea of nxt 27 sts, Inc in last st  (60 sts)
___ Rnds 2-9: sc in ea st around, changing to Aran on lst st of Rnd 9  (60 sts/ea rnd)

with Aran,
___ Rnds 10-11: sc in ea st around, changing to 
Grenadine on lst st of Rnd 11  (60 sts/ea rnd)

___ Rnds 12-50: sc in ea st around  (60 sts/ea rnd)
___ Rnd 51: in BLO, slst in ea of nxt 6 sts, ch-9, slst into same st as previous slst, slst in ea of nxt 43 sts, 
ch-9, slst into same st as previous slst, slst in ea of nxt 11 sts
Finish off.  Secure and weave in tail to hide.

Secure Buttons below the loops made in Rnd 51 so that loop can slide over them to hold the Chromebook inside securely.

Melon Seeds: 
with Black, 

Chain 3, slst in 2nd ch from hook, 4 sc in end ch st - rotate piece to allow you to work up the other side of original beg chain (as if a flat round), slst in lst st  (6 sts)
Finish off, leaving sufficient tail remaining to secure Seed to Storage Cover 

With Black, add some seeds, using long stitches.

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