Monday, September 11, 2017

Another Yarny Review

My people (the kids and the Hub) recently bought some Yarnspirations Bernat PopCakes, so that I could "make something just for you" (me) !! 
So with Fall not making any effort to hide it's approach - I decided to break out this, put to the side gift, and whip up an afghan for the cool months ahead.
(Sorry, the afghan is just a simple alternating rows of 150 single crochet stitches and a return pass of 150 mock knitting stitches - so no pattern to really share.)

I have not had the best of luck when I've used Bernat or Caron in the past.  The afghans I made in 2009, ended up being thrown in the trash - Believe it or not, the yarn began to get MORE scratchy with every wash and would actually squeak (like it was starched or still had soap in it) when transferring from washer to dryer.

But the excitement of the "cake trends" on Facebook and in groups, overtook any reservations I had ... so I began working...

Disappointment quickly followed...
after only a few stitches - maybe 200 or so, I began to see variations in the consistency of the weight...  then - this happened... (approximately 430 sts in)

slight variations in yarn weight can be dealt with.. working in worsted weight then - BOOM - sock weight - cannot... it has to be 'cut out' - creating yet another set of tails that will need to be woven in...

However, since this is a personal project - and not for an order, I decided that a single stitch was not going to bother me enough to cut it out and rejoin - especially with only a few remaining stitches in the row... so away I went again...

A row and a half later..  another instance that would need to be cut out - for anything less than a 'personal project'..  the 'production joining knot'.. *sigh*

so, in less than 750 sts - already two major issues that would have to be dealt with, for a professional piece that someone would want to purchase.  Since the majority of my clients crochet for profit and handmade holiday gift season on it's way - this is a headache they'd not want or need.

As you can see - there is still a long way to go, and perhaps even more unfriendly surprises..
but I decided to STOP where I was and write up the review..  because to be honest - I don't know if I will keep going or not.

My disappointment runs deep with this one.  Not only because it was a gift from my people to me and to not finish a project with a smile, could make them feel bad.
But also, because I love the colors, these cakes, titled "Foggy Notions" - the earthy tones of browns and blues, that are a perfect fit for my bedroom.  The yarn is very soft to the touch...  but sadly, I don't like the snags I've encountered and don't know how many more lay ahead for me, hidden within these cakes..  I do not enjoy pleading with and hacking up my fiber to get it to perform as it should.

Would I use it again?  No - I am not even sure I am going to finish using it now!
Would I recommend it?  No, I would not - but that is me personally.
Perhaps I got a bad cake and just happened to pick up that particular cake to start my project..
but I won't be shouting "hey you gotta try this.." and if someone asks me outright - I am going to tell them - for the $$ you'd spend on that cake? - get some Red Heart With Love and some chocolate :)

Of course, should I finish the project - I will update : Another Yarny Review - Part 2? - but I am thinking of just donating the cakes to the school's art department - they always can use yarns and strings for their student's craftiness.


Miriam Olsen said...

I used 4 cakes of the Bernat Pop and made me an alternating paw prints afghan and did not experience any of the issues you mentioned here. I love my new afghan!

Stephanie Bedell said...

I have used several cakes of the Bernat Pop! I didn't have any of the problems that you experienced. I would say you got a bad cake. Don't give up yet.

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