Sunday, April 16, 2017

A Yarny Review & Something for You

First the "disclaimer". I am extremely bias to Red Heart Super Saver Yarns. It's what I have used for years for my amigurumi and my preferred medium in producing my designs.

However, that being said - a few weeks ago, I had ordered some of the Mary Maxim Worsted Yarns since they were on sale for 99 cents a skein.  I generally treat myself to new yarns once or twice a year.
I can't say I am disappointed in how it works up for amigurumi - but it won't be replacing my Red Heart stash anytime in the near future.

- Easy to work with and is comparable to the worsted weight I am comfortable working with.
- 2 of the 3 colors I used were soft and easy on the fingers. (1 was a little stiffer, but still not - to me - scratchy on the fingers)
- Colors are are vivid and very "primary" in nature.
- While this particular project contains no "draping", several pieces made for the project are 'flexible' and yarn easily accommodates this allowance.
- 100% Acrylilc yarn approximately 215 yrds (200m) /3.5oz (100gm) is more than enough to produce a small to medium sized amigurumi project.
- Limited Colors - only 8 in the Worsted Weight Line
- Not an easy find for ends and not sure if skein is designed to be an inside pull or not (I had quite the yarn barf for one skein and used the other 2 working from outside - I will end up having to use a winder to make these skeins easier to use.)
- This yarn DOES have Dye Lots
- There was some splitting and pulls in the skein
- Yarn is made in Turkey. (personal preference to support USA and or Canada produced yarns.)
- Texture of yarn is not as elastic or forgiving as RHSS when frogging or if tension goes off on a stitch.

Would I use it again? Sure!!
Would I recommend this yarn? I wouldn't not recommend it - MM is still having a sale on this yarn. Purchase 8 skeins and you get them for 99 cents each. At that price, of course it's worth trying to review for yourself.
You can see more specs on this brand/yarn here:

So what did I make with Mary Maxim Worsted Yarns??

So grab up your favorite yarn and head on over to the @FDbyK4TT Facebook Page to hook up this adorable creature for yourself!

FDbyK4TT is not affiliated, endorsed or sponsored by Mary Maxim, or it's subsidiaries.  There are no affiliate links contained in this post and no monies have been promised or given for any review of products mentioned in this post.  

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He is adorable, thank you so much for pattern.

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