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Copycat Vs Tribute Vs Inspired By

There are so many "new designers" who are putting out 'original patterns' which are no more original than the other 10 copies of the same pattern.  Patterns that can be traced back to etsy pre 2009...  yeah. But what is even more astonishing are those who are reposting and promoting these 'new designers', because they are unaware that the designer has done little more than change a 6 count, to an 8 count. 
Now this rant is going to be a bit more controversial - because, well, because there are so many different views regarding this subject - this is MINE.
You are more than welcome to disagree, so long as you are respectful in your argument.

Copycat Vs Tribute Vs Inspired By

I am so sick of people claiming 'artistic impression' when they blatantly copy another establish piece of work and call it "inspired by".  Now I cannot show a photo of another so-called-designer, just "copying" someone else's work - because frankly no one likes to be accused of that, and I could not obtain permission to use anyone's photo. hee hee (While I could use their own very well used 'excuse' and say "for educational purposes".. that's not my style!)

But a close "copycat" would be my own Angry Alien Crochet Pattern - 99.9% of you can look at this pattern and you know exactly who I was thinking of while making my creation. And that is why it is FREE. I did not invest in the time it took to market him, bringing him to life from concept design through live animation and product marketing - making him a recognizable character that you want to hook and 
But we are not going to spend time on this subject.

TRIBUTE is a bit easier.  I have several "tribute patterns" which I offer for sale.  Tributes are using the characteristics of someone/thing famous in cooperation with your own original design.
For example the Tribute Silly Ole Bear.  The bear is a KISS Series pattern - a original creation that has many other animals in it's series.  The bear itself is a stand alone pattern, creating a "polar bear'. Clients have used this pattern to create bears wearing skirts, bears wearing baseball team uniforms, etc.  

But also within the KISS Series Bear, there are additional notations to help you create a Tribute Character of a familiar children's storytime character; Winnie the Pooh.
The pattern I sell is NOT of this character, but only how to transform - for your personal use - one of my original characters into a more recognizable childhood favorite.
This is a TRIBUTE.. an action that is honoring, showing admiration and/or respect to someone/thing else.

Now - the BIG one.. the one that so many get WRONG!
"Inspired By"

Inspire (verb) - to cause someone to be filled with an urge or ability to do something - especially something creative.

Copying someone else's work is not "inspiring anything" at best it's a 'tribute', but most often it's just being a danged copycat!  

It takes very little, to no actual creativity to take something and add a little personal touch (such as color changes, a longer neck or unstuffed legs) and call it 'yours' .. "inspired by"

THIS is "inspired by"...

©2016 bizzyboppers/Elizabeth Mareno : Photo used with permission

Elizabeth Mareno of Bizzy Crochet made this STUNNING "inspired by" afghan.  The minute I saw it, I immediately thought of Alice and Wonderland - not because there is a 'White Rabbit' or a 'Cheshire Cat' or even a "hookah smoking caterpillar" - no it's the colors that just SCREAM these familiar characters.  If you didn't notice the first time.. have another look...  
The most obvious would be the Queen of Hearts (the black with the red hearts).. but there are also references to the white rabbit, the caterpillar, the cat as well as Alice - simply using COLORS to make your mind see these characters, without really "seeing them".

Need another example?  This is the same 'wonderland' afghan, that one of our mutual client's made, using a different inspiration.. 

©2016 Theresa  : Photo used with permission
... do you see it?
The same "wonderland afghan" pattern, again inspired by "Alice in Wonderland", but with a "Tim Burton" twist of color.

I hope this posting helps to explain the differences in what so-called-designers are trying to sell to you.  And helps you to understand why supporting true artists in their efforts is so important.  Creating original pieces of art and broadening the field with new ideas and fresh content isn't just making the same things in different ways.

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Gramzie said...

Thank you for clearing this up. I appreciate your creativity and I love your patterns because they are so unique. Thank you!!!

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