Saturday, July 16, 2016

Gotta Catch em All?

Everyone is talking about Pokemon Go!
Love it or Hate it - it's all the craze this Summer.

There's a Weedle on your laptop?  A Charmander on your front lawn?  or a Magikarp in your shower??  But where is Pikachu?!!
People stepping off cliffs, getting robbed, causing accidents and stopping traffic. Overwhelming demand has even crashed the servers!!  - it's Pokemon Mayhem!!   But where is Pikachu?!!

Oh sure - tell me that I could have started off with Pikachu AFTER I've already caught a bunch of other types!!

Well, you don't have to risk everything to catch yourself a Pikachu!    You can make your very own Pikachu .. Doodledized!

Pick up your copy of this FREE Pattern here: CP29 - Pokemon Pikachu

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Gramzie said...

Adorable! Thank you for sharing!! I love your patterns!!

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