Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Yarn & Pantyhose = Easy Life

One question that I am asked CONSTANTLY, since everyone pretty much knows I have a zoo in my home, is:  "How do you keep your yarn clean?"

Even with a craft room devoted to my art, stray pet hairs can and will travel and eventually, will find their way into my sacred place.  Or what about when I don't want to be alone in my room hooking and want to hook while watching the hub and the kids play the latest video game or watch the newest movie on the tube?  What... do I kick the furrkids out?  There's still cat hair and dog hair on everything - no matter how well you clean, it's still there.. waiting for that one stitch of dark clothing to cling to!  (you know it does!)

Nope - there's an easier way. 

Now you all know I store my yarn in clear plastic bags (like the kind that you used to get newspapers wrapped in).  But my working yarn also gets a home..

That's right!  There's Katt, re-purposing things again!  That is so not what they are intended for! 

Knee High Pantyhose work GREAT to keep your yarn clean while you are working on a project AND if you need to wash it for any reason... like say your 200lb beastie accidentally spills a half full cup of coffee on your almost brand new skein of White Red Heart Super Saver just because the mailman has the audacity to knock at the door so you can sign for a package...  I mean, not that has ever happened; but merely as an example *grin*

You just knot up one end and toss the skein into the washing machine :)

So simple:

 And you can keep the labels on if you fear you may forget the color's name you can see thru most shades of pantyhose!

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Lynne Nisbet said...

I have a dog so I really love this tip. Will try this one out!

K4TT said...

Always happy to help my fellow crafting animal lovers Lynne :)

Gorete Cerdeira said...

Nice tip! thanks!

K4TT said...

You are very welcome Gorete :)

Unknown said...



Gramzie said...

This is an excellent idea!! I have a granddaughter with very long hair (16) and combs it constantly. Hair everywhere!!. I will surely use this idea. Thanks a bunch!!!!

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