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Upcoming Auction - Nov 2015

It is not often I take a public 'political stance' on anything.  That is one sure fired way to annoy or offend someone; and when you are in the people-pleasing-business, it's an area that you tend to tread very lightly into.  However this is a subject that I am extremely passionate about - and one that influences so much of my fiber art.

I am sure by now, everyone has heard of "Cecil the Lion" and the horrible occurrence that happened in Zimbabwe in July.  And no matter what your opinion on hunting in general, I think everyone can agree that this was a tragedy that should not have been allowed to have happened and the outcry of compassion, shock and anger has proven what the human species can accomplish when we work together with a single voice for change.

For anyone who missed it - Cecil was a majestic 13-year-old, Southwest African Lion living in the Hwange National Park in S. Africa.  He was part of an Oxford University/Wildlife Conservation Research Unit research project to help study lion populations (living structures, conservation, etc) in the wild. (Lions have declined in the past 3 decades by more than 50% due to humans.)  The research team had been monitoring Cecil since he was a cub and tracking his pride and territory until 01 July 2015.

That was when a MN (US) Dentist paid 50K USD, for the "privilege" of hunting a lion. 
Cecil's death was not a swift death.  He was first wounded by bow and arrow and suffered for nearly 40 hours, before finally being shot with a rifle and killed. This, after he was lead out of the safety of his Park Sanctuary.  I will not/cannot give the details of his death, as they are barbaric and what was done is NOT what a true hunter does with their kills. Cecil was a Trophy to his killer, not an animal, just an object. - This hunt was purely for sport and pleasure and to top it all off - it was ILLEGAL and the local guide & farmer are currently awaiting trial for their roles in the hunt.

Anyone who has followed my blog for a number of years, may remember when I wanted to help Cause an "UpROAR", so this isn't just an emotional thing to fit in with current sentiments or trends - this has been a nearly 10 year journey thus far.  
I have been a passionate supporter of endangered animals for years - from campaigning to help end "canned hunts" and private ownership of exotic animals, to financial support of 'sanctuaries' that take in "exotic pets" and making contributions to endangered wild life refuges that take in the sick and re-release healthy "endangered", "threatened" and "vulnerable" wildlife.  So when I speak about the future, of the legacy we leave behind us; I speak from the heart with a genuine hope that there are many more people who believe just as passionately as I do.

I BEG YOU, please do NOT turn a blind eye.  

It is not someone else's problem - it won't just go away or correct itself.  
100 people saying "no" is barely a blip on the radar, compared to the billions of people on this planet.
10 Million people screaming "No" will get a little more noticed.... 
but 100 BILLION people screaming "THIS CAN'T BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN!!" can really bring about change!! 

Once these iconic and majestic animals, that so many just take for granted will always be here/after all, they were here LONG before us; are gone - they are GONE FOR GOOD!  The truth is, we as a human species, have already caused the extinction of many, many magnificent creatures!

Without YOUR intervention and voice, by the time your great granddaughter's daughter is in grade school, the African Lion may be reduced to only a memory in a book...  The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has predicted that African Lions face extinction by the year 2050.  And may other animals on the Endangered List, don't even have that long!

So what does this have to do with crochet?  

Everything and Nothing - all together and at the same time.  Because I crochet, I am blessed with people who read my blog - therefore it is my duty to make sure that people know what is going on... at the very least, if I can alert 10 people to what is happening and they choose to act - then I have reached 10 people - who may reach 10 more people and so on... 
a domino effect that could actually become a beneficial and critical step in stopping the current extinction crisis.

"Only one good thing comes out of this – thousands of people have read the story and have also been shocked. Their eyes opened to the dark side of human nature."

Now, think of some of your favorite amigurumi projects that you've made over the years... and I am willing to bet you that several of your favorite animals can also be found on the Endangered Lists!  

From bats, bears, birds and butterflies to sloths, tigers, lions and sharks - there are so many beautiful creatures that we've made with our hands, hooks and fibers that have made the list. From critically endangered to vulnerable of becoming extinct - these are animals that have a very real threat of existing no more...  during OUR TIME.

But ultimately, what this post has to do with "crochet" is that on 01 November 2015 - I will be holding an auction to raise funds, by crocheting a FDbyK4TT original. 

Roland the Lion Cub from the Friends Series, will be modified as a tribute to Cecil the Lion and will be auctioned off via Facebook for you to own a one of a kind fiber tribute! 

Further details will be forthcoming as this auction gets closer, so please continue to watch for updates.

Cecil may no longer be 'trending' on social media - but he is FAR from forgotten!

Don't want to wait until November to do something to help these animals?  Please visit any of the websites linked within this post to learn more or donate directly to : Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WILDCRU)


Anonymous said...

Such a terrible tragedy! Cecil didn't deserve to die at the hands of a monster! Just sickening!
You are doing an awesome thing, good luck!
Susie <3

Cathie Clark said...

Each time I see or hear about Cecil my heart breaks - again and again. While he is but one of many, he's the one that woke a lot of us UP! I can't wait until your auction! <3

Anonymous said...

I love that you are doing this. Too often we turn a blind eye and let these atrocities occur.


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