Saturday, June 21, 2014

OMGosh Time Goes By So Fast!

With everything that has happened in the past month, with graduations, school endings, birthdays.. I mean man o' man... it seemed like May was only yesterday and here we are getting nearer to the end of June!

One of the first sales I made on the Sea Turtle Comfort Cuddler was to a lovely lady named Judi from Florida!   She had completed her first Sea Turtle Cuddler on May 19th  - that lets you know just how "behind" I am!!  Judi was kind enough to send me photographs of him and I was granted permission by her, to share her work/photographs on my blog.

While I have made several, all generally looking like copies of one another .. an artist replicating their own work isn't really that big of a deal.  Now when a client replicates that work from written instruction; that is when your heart sings and you feel like you've contributed something to the art.  

Judi really did a wonderful job on him and I just had to share!!

I am always tickled when my clients share photos of their work with me.  Not only the creativity that they display in the little additions or personal flare they give to the project - but in being a part of an art form that is so vastly beautiful and that can be shared with others.

Thank you so much Judi for sharing your beautiful creation with me and allowing me to share it with my readers!  

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