Sunday, June 2, 2013

Yeah, I'm up.. I'm Up!!!!

WOW!  It's June already???

I've begun once again, after a medical hiatus, to re-imagine, re-define and finalize some patterns which you've not yet seen.  
Several have already been put into 'testing' and returned for final revisions..
Continue to watch and enjoy in the fun of the fiberlicious doodles that are forthcoming and a few "surprises" including a 'giveaway' just in time for the holiday season!

(what do you mean you're not thinking of Christmas yet?! it's only 29 weeks away!!)


Katesie's Critters said...

Hey K4TT, how does one become a tester for you? Love your patterns!
Kate C.

K4TT said...

Hi Kate,
Thank you for the interest... but why on Earth would you want to do that? I'm weird, quirky, eccentric, brooding and an insufferable bore to work with. Well, okay, so I may not be that bad... but the pay is horrible, and I don't offer health benefits *wink*

Okay, seriously, I have 6 associates that I rely on and I am not looking for anyone else at this time.
However, if the time should come that I need the assistance of more associates, I draw from my clients. Of the 6 associates who test now, 2 are neighbors and 4 were actually longtime clients who one day received an eMail message asking if they felt like testing a pattern. . . and it sort of just flourished from there.

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