Friday, October 26, 2012

2 Updates

Wow!  October is nearing an end already!!  I've been so busy with orders in preparation for several local animal shelter raffles, that I barely noticed the time ebbing away.  
But I need to update you...

We have recently received word that a storm, what is being referred to locally as "Frankenstorm" is going to attempt to cause havoc with the North East.  Thus far, forecasters are not sure where Sandy is going to make landfall (Depending on who you listen to it could strike as far south as New Jersey and as far North as Maine) - but local utilities have already began to import crews from outside the 'danger zone'.  Apparently, this storm, to put it in some sort of perspective; is (amongst the local fishermen) gearing up to be the type of storm that was depicted in the George Clooney movie "The Perfect Storm".
So there is a chance, however slight, that we may loose service (electricity, telephone) for a period of time - perhaps even an extended period of time.

For your convenience, All current FiberDoodles by K4TT  patterns will be uploaded to the servers prior to Sandy's arrival (which currently appears to be Monday morn into Tuesday)  Depending on what the weathermen are saying, I will also probably put the shop in Vacation Mode on Monday, until the threat of the storm has passed.
There are several patterns which are ready for release, but that I will wait until Sandy has done her thing and moved on before bringing them out into the light :o)
I will respond to any and all eMails as quickly as possible, in the event service is disrupted; just as soon as service is restored.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience.

I did say updateS, right?
The second doesn't quite impact you as much as the first..
but my little girl had surgery on yesterday.  She was spayed.

and we brought her home today.
It will take a few days for her to be back to her usual self and about 2 weeks until she can be around the rest of the family without fear of ripping, tearing or infection to the surgical area. 
But over the next 24-48 hours, she is the highest priority, so orders may take a little longer than the usual 'minutes' I've been noted for in the past.

Anyone who's ever had a large animal that has had to have surgery and placed under anesthesia;  already knows that the lethargy takes a good day to go away.  She is still very groggy and unsteady on her feet and as of yet has not been able to eat.  
I thank you in advance for your well-wishes and speedy recovery for my little sweetie.

edited: Saturday Morning 8:15am  - Apparently we don't like the name "Sandy" for this storm and named her "Sally" instead.  Name has been corrected.