Thursday, June 28, 2012

This Severe Weather is Annoying Me..

The lovely skies photograph above was taken by a neighbor 2 nights ago..  the clouds and storm rolling in looked like something out of a Steven King movie.. this photograph has not been altered in any way - just goes to show you how beautiful and spectacular Mother can be.
Although I guess it could be worse.. we could be back into the dreaded heat.. 
oh, wait, that returns for a visit this weekend.. ugh..

Well, all this stormy, rainy weather has done wonders for my plants..
My Pink Roses are looking absolutely beautiful!
and a Bleeding Heart which I saved from the clutches of a Walmart dumpster has been granted a second chance at life..  (Yes, I often take the throw a ways and try to 'bring them back' rather than allow them to die.  Most of my foliage was 'trash'.)

But I also discovered a little bugger that I did NOT plant.. nestled comfy cozy right outside the garden's brick edging...
Introducing.. Chomp the Carnivorous Plant... more commonly known as the "Venus Flytrap"
This poor little bugger was having a dandy of a time with the flies today.  One landed right on his bud and sat there, without moving for the longest time.. never daring near those dangerous 'teeth' or mouth.
I've taken a cutting from him so that you can plant your very own Chomp.
Chomp will be available for you to start your own little toothy garden, Saturday, June 30th, 2012


Connie said...

Beautiful flowers, thanks for sharing your saved treasures. It just breaks my heart when I see the greenhouse owner throw away good plants when so many go hungry.
Guess that's the price of doing business.
Love your new fly trap.
Try and stay cool, we are sweltering in the middle part of the country (Illinois). I don't know how much longer I can take the heat in the Garden Center. It's slated to close sometime next week. Can't be soon enough for me.
Take care, stay cool, and be grateful for rain, some of us haven't had much, and pray for the rain to come to Colorado and stop the fires.

til` next time,

Anonymous said...

that Flytrap is so quirky and adorable. GREAT job on the eye placement!! SO awesome! And that picture, stunning! XOXO Claudia

Miek said...

I love Chompie!

I remember the first time i encountered a venus flytrap... well actually a whole bunch of them on a flower/plant/greenhouse exhibition where my parents took me. Me and my sister were absolutely fascinated by them and kept poking them with blades of grass, when my father wanted to go on to the next greenhouse he made up that we killed them all by doing that and me and my sister cried for the next 10 min >.<

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