Tuesday, April 3, 2012


It's all that blasted 'clik' 'clik' 'clik'

I have reluctantly re-opened "my etsy shop".
Many have speculated as to why I closed the shop to begin with... and while it would be extremely unprofessional to speak out against etsy.com; I will say that I disagree strongly (as well as many others - just check out regresty.com) with etsy's policies .. or lack of enforcement of "policy".

However, there have been numerous eMails asking for either a 'shopping cart' to be added to my blog or that purchasers have a choice.  Raverly.com is out for newer patterns (less than a year old) as with the Instant Download, I have very little say on the marketing and sales of the product.
I had re-opened my zibbet.com shop - but, understandably people are tired of having to 'sign-up' for new memberships.  So, I can either waste an entire day trying to figure out how to install the paypal.com shopping cart to my blog OR... relist items on etsy.com (which so many of you are familiar with anyhow).

You asked for it - - - You got it!

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K4TT said...

I just received an eMail asking about the EULA - the EULA remains valid!
(You can STILL sell finished items on etsy.com -despite the FiberDoodles by K4TT Shop re-opening.)

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