Thursday, November 10, 2011

Poultry is Poultry?

Readers who've followed me long enough, know that I get some of the wildest excitement from seeing my doodles done by another's hand.  Their version of my vision.  The artistic flare that their eye sees when they view one of my doodles.  What their mind actually envisions when they view one of my completed designs.    Where they would take it, how they would do it differently.. make it 'their own'.

It's just very ... it is amazing to see where others take you on their journey of creativity.  I find myself often thinking  - OMG!  I didn't even see that!  How original!  Something as simple as a color change, or an extra embellishment here or there...  well it really can put a whole new spin on a design.

In April of this year, a brilliantly creative client of mine had purchased several patterns from both the KISS Series as well as the Sculptured line.   She was generous enough to share the photographs of her wonderful KISS Zebra and Lion; but it had been some time since I had heard from her. The last I heard, she said she was going to begin working on a bunny...

That was until the other day..
"Dear K4TT, a few months ago I purchased your Pilan the Poult pattern and I was so busy I never got to create it. I just wanted to share these few pictures with you. Your pattern was a great inspiration when a friend of mine needed a hen for a Christmas gift for her 2 year old niece. I just used your body part as head and vice versa (to have a smaller and more hen-like head) and created a comb. My friend loves it very very much and I can't wait till Christmas to hear about her niece's reaction. So thank you very much for you great work! You are my inspiration."

UPDATE: "My friend likes the chicken so much that she won't give it away and she will give it to her daughter instead. Just to keep it home."

Needless to say, I am so thrilled!  Thrilled!!!  I LOVE the chicken!!  I think it is so brilliant!!  So adorable and just the sweetest derivative works created from one of my designs!

Hmm.. I think I may actually want it to come to the States to live with me... :)

Thank you for sharing Zuzana - Your friend is truly blessed to have you in her life.  It is wonderful clients like you, Zuzana, which inspire me.  I want to see what you do with Maxie... hmm.. but since you've not purchased him, I think I will just have to send him to you.

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Again, this post did NOT disappoint. How cute and sweet!


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