Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pause 4 Paws

Each year, I begin to crochet Holiday Goodies for animals in local shelters.  These babies; who are toss-aways because they are older - unwanted because they've made an accident in the house, can no longer be afforded by their human pets..
you name it - these creatures are thrown in jail for no other reason than they are born into a world which sees them as little more than breathing accessories.

Oh, wow!  Okay... so hopping down off my soap box...

Animals I am very passionate about - someone has to be right?

Well, as I was saying - each year at Christmas - in addition to a monetary contribution, I also try to donate anywhere between 50 & 100 toys, blankets, treats, etc..
This year, I have actually gotten started early enough, that I do not think I will be rushing come November - - -

Here are several of the cat blankets/pads; which are coupled with catnip toys.  Every kitty loves a soft little patch of blanket which they can claim their very own.  I try to select colors which will bring out the color in kitty and make him/her even more adorable - so that someone might take them to a furr-ever home!

THIS is how YOUR money is spent when you purchase a FiberDoodles by K4TT pattern.