Saturday, February 26, 2011

Custom Order - Lineman

This weekend, I shall attempt to finish up a 'custom order' of sorts (a very special someone has requested/nagged me to death for them *grin*) - Several dolls are mere inches high, using a Sz 8 thread hook with 2 strands of WW Yarn - which has to be manually separated... the larger doll is about 6.5 inches tall using WW Yarn (4-ply).  It's tedious work.. that is very stressful on my wrist, which still has it's 'bubble'.. 

Some pieces of the pattern are a bit challenging, so I am not sure what will become of it.

I am just curious how many others would be interested in the Lineman Pattern..


Erins Toy Store said...

Hehe very cute!!! As always! :)

Russ Gasq said...

Is there a pattern available for this?

K4TT said...

To this point Russ, there has been no interest in publishing my Lineman Pattern. I make them for the guys by husband works with and occasionally sell them online.

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