Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Checking In ...

Well the People went back to school on Tuesday *yeah*...
okay, so it wasn't that eventful... I do miss them when they are away at school - - -
it's one of those "grass is always greener.." things I suppose.

They are excited!  New friends, old friends, new teachers, familiar staff.. a new swing set on the playground.. and a personal message from the school principle the night before 1st day...
so yeah.. happy kids...  (they actually got up at 3:50am to get ready for the 8:15am bus... )
and happy Mum.. since I am finally able to concentrate on writing up all these patterns.

I have been very busy over that past 2 days getting patterns written up and put into pdf format for sale in my etsy shop - the K.I.S.S. Zebra will be available tomorrow (9/9/10) - I just need to add the photos.

Additionally, I was asked (after completing Dawn Toussaints' CAL) if I would do one..
after much consideration... I WILL be doing a CAL in November!  
So make sure to keep watching the blog!

I've got a few specials which I am considering - such as for Christmas Eve.. when you purchase a pattern, the same pattern will be eMailed to the friend as a GIFT. 

Just a few things I have had mulling in my brain over my summer hiatus from actively keeping everyone up to date...


So I was just checking in tonight and I wanted to give a shout out to Goldibug :o) especially since she was so kind to give me a blog award...


7 Things About Me... (that you may/may not know)

1) My best friend(s) who I share ALL my secrets with, have fur

2) I love to watch video games for the 'storyline' and have already pre-ordered Halo Reach (although I personally won't play the game)

3)  I often sit on my back porch, with snow falling in my PJs and a Snuggy™

4)  I was a "Hooters Girl"

5) I believe in Ghosts, 'unknown "monsters" ' and aliens (although, I find most people's claims to be unbelievable)

6) I have a great deal of respect for spiders, bees and ants - although I do not like to have them near me.

7) I never intended to become a crochet designer - thank you to my testers (DR, DW, LE and KS) for the push into the field.

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