Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Process Behind the Name


After much deliberation, and a major argument between the people over who had the better name - of course, I foolishly mentioned that one of the names got a positive comment... yesh, I know.. will I ever learn?!  Probably not...

Originally, I was going to name him Smile the Sunflower, as that is what he makes me do.. but it just wasn't fitting properly... as it is more of a request or a command than a name.

But as I was writing up the pattern, a "6 degrees of separation" moment happened...
Well, it was more like a 3 degrees .. but, here goes..

One of Michael's most beloved songs was the song Smile.  He recorded it himself some time ago, but it was written by a man who was all about the smiles, Mr. Charlie Chaplin.  I was humming it to myself while steadily typing away...
Well, this cute little guy doesn't quite look like a Charlie or even a Charles .. so I teetered with the idea of Chaplin as his name - still didn't fit.

Now while all this mental dilemma is working out in my head, amidst the humming of  'Smile', I remembered that back in the late 70's, Michael himself has dressed like Charlie Chaplin.  So I did a google search to see if that would give me more inspiration for a name..

BAM!  There it was..
Spencer.. Charlie Chaplin's middle name :)