Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Getting Back to the Business at Hand..


For *about* the past 3 weeks, it's been a whirl-wind of doctor's appointments (which are still on-going), school/educational meetings, property meetings, birthday celebrations (the last of which will be this Friday), the people's therapy schedule, a long-distance Mother's Day, and the general functions of everyday life.
Time to take a breath...  before beginning the madness all over again!

These are my beautiful Clementis Vines outside my front door.  Although I was unable to catch it's complete splendor - the 'white' flowers (bottom right) of the photo - were supposed to be pink, but have been cross bred with the purple *evidently) and are mostly white with purplish veins - which looks as if they have been airbrushed with just a slight hint of their lush cousins above.

Of course my Evergreens (which were 'throw-aways' from a local store) are thriving and a lush reminder of my favorite time of year.

But the most beautiful things, the ones which truly take my breath away and cause me to take pause - would be nature's landscapers - the truest of true, GREEN engineers.

I admire their simplistic goals - no money for their work - no 'status' - just a job to do for the survival of not only themselves, but their fellow buzzing buddies.

.. and of course the GREEN builder...
One of the people destroyed the original home (accidentally of course on the frantic scramble to meet a school bus - they built a little too close to the sidewalk) and by mid morning, they had restructured the opening cavity.

So, as I said, it's back to work for me also (after Friday anyhow) - single minded goal...

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Jane, Naples, Florida said...

Glad you are getting back into it!
The vines are beautiful! So cheerful!
Thank you!

Flora Doora

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