Tuesday, March 9, 2010

TUTORIAL: When Round things go FLAT

Several of my crochet designs require you to crochet in the round - then BLAM, all the sudden you need to fold the piece "flat" and work on it like it's a row.  This is common in eyelids, fins, flippers - even in ending an arm or leg instead of sewing the opening closed.

Now, I didn't invent this little maneuver, and I arrogantly thought that everyone could adjust to working in a 'row' - after all, everyone began crocheting by working on afghans yes??  But after seeing quite a few people asking for further explanation, I thought a tutorial was in order.

okay... so there you are happily working in rounds..round and round and round...
then it says to fold flat and crochet through both layers..
huh? what?

First, remove from your mind that 'OMG, what do I do?' feeling.  If you can single crochet, you can single crochet 2 separate pieces into one flat row - I promise.

In the photos below, I have begun a simple round crochet piece which begins with the usual 6sc, increases to 12sc, then to 18sc  I used variegated yarn for the 'rounds' and gray will be used to illustrate the joining.

18 single crochet stitches which you are now going to reduce to a mere 9 sc in 1 swoop - without decreasing at all :)

In model #:
1.  You see the round as you most easily recognize it.
2.  Squeeze the round flat so that the round lys atop each other with equal fiber on each side
3:  Insert you hook, working first through both loops of the stitch (just like working a 'normal sc') but instead of yarn over..

4.  ... continue to push your hook through both loops of the stitch directly behind your original entry point.
5.  Now, you yarn over and crochet as if making any other sc st.
6.  As you can see, several sc sts together, look just like part of the round.

7.  However, on closer inspection, you have lessened the amount of stitches in your project;
8.  while, closing up the opening. 
9.  Here we see the piece completely closed by using the sc joining method.

Hope this helps -
Happy Crocheting to All.