Tuesday, June 28, 2016

FDbyK4TT Patterns Back on Ravelry

We've heard you!  Etsy apparently isn't listening - but FiberDoodles is.

Etsy's newest 'change' to their layout has had more and more long time etsy users unable to find what they want - or what they need.  It's left a sour taste in the mouth of many.

" I use to go on etsy all the time. It was so much easier to look at patterns as they were sorted but now it's a needle in a stack of needles."

~ says one of my long time clients.

While it was never the intention to return products to Ravelry.com (as I have said many times); your frustration with utilizing etsy's servers has forced me to reconsider, for YOUR ease and comfort. 
So as of 1 July 2016, FDbyK4TT patterns will be back on sale at Ravelry.com.
Although I may not be as excited about this move as you may be; what does excite me is having happy clents.

are some answers to anticipated questions:

So what about the patterns I bought on etsy? 
They are still there.  You still have access to them.   This is where you purchased your item(s).  FDbyK4TT will still be conducting sales on etsy.com as well.  In fact, that shop is the only one I will continue to "work in".
The Ravelry Storefront will not be managed/ran by myself. 
I am sorry, but there will be ABSOLUTELY NO Customer Service available via instant messages on Ravelry.com  (As always, you can still reach me via eMail - I, of course, will continue to offer support to anyone who purchases a pattern and needs assistance.  However, I will NOT log into that website to read messages or answer questions.  ANY messages or comments left regarding assistance will be deleted without response.)

Will you add my etsy purchases to my Ravelry Library?

For a limited time, from 01 July until 31 July 2016, some* purchases that have been made can be added to your Ravelry Library.
Beginning 30 June 2016, YOU will need to fill out this request form to request patterns be added.
Requests made via eMail, text message, Facebook, Etsy.com, Ravelry.com or in any other manner other than the official request form, or prior to 30 June 2016, will not be honored or acknowledged.

You purchased your item on etsy - not Ravelry. It's like walking into Walmart and paying for something, then expecting it to be available at Target. 
However, as a courtesy, regular priced items purchased between 01 January 2016 through 30 June 2016, (up to 15 patterns), may be added to your Ravelry.com pattern library.
This will be completed within a 7-10 day turn around from receipt of your request.  Rudeness/Nastiness will absolutely NOT be tolerated. The person handling these requests is a 15 year old child, who is learning the business.)  
*NO GIFTS or SALE ITEMS will be added to your library.  Items which have been won in giveaways, purchased as "gifts" to be send to others or purchased during promotional periods including "clearance sales" on etsy.com, will not
be transferred

Since Ravelry.com will be available, items purchased on etsy.com, AFTER 01 July 2016 will be subject to a service charge of $1.00 per pattern, to be "added to your ravelry.com library".  Items purchased more than 180 days need to be repurchased as per store policy.

What if the pattern isn't on Ravelry?

Since 24 June 2016, FDbyK4TT patterns have been slowly uploaded back onto Ravelry.com without any fan fair.  By July 1st, all patterns sold on Etsy.com should be returned to Ravlery's server as well. 
However, if for some unseen reason, a pattern was overlooked or did not make it onto Ravelry.com's servers - please just send an eMail and inquire about it. 
At the time of this writing, there are no patterns that will not be for sale on Ravelry.com that are already offered on Etsy.com.   (Patterns which are only promotional and are not for sale, will NOT be sold anywhere - period.  This has not changed.)

In fact, just the opposite - because Ravelry.com does not charge a listing fee, it has once again become cost effective to list 'single patterns' that could only be purchased in packages on Etsy.com as well as out of season items, since they will not 'expire' after 90 days.  In other words, Ravelry.com will have more patterns than Etsy.com.

I can't possibly know all the questions you may have - but the 2 biggest I anticipate receiving, are answered here.
While I would love to accommodate all your wants, this may not be possible, you may contact me at anytime with questions regarding this subject (just not for requests of adding patterns)

Please also remember, I am currently on "vacation" - enjoying the summer with my family.  While eMails will be answered, it may take up to 48hrs to receive a reply.

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