Saturday, February 7, 2015

I'll Admit It, I've Been Bad!

Really, really bad about updating my blog as much as I should.  Which is why I placed the freebie here on yesterday evening for everyone to enjoy.

And while it may seem, to those who only follow me through my blog, that I have been on some sort of hiatus or just very lazy...
I have, in fact, been extremely busy with the development of new doodles and looking forward to an exciting 2015!  (now, if you 'liked' the FDbyK4TT Facebook Page, this will be old news to you!)

- Since re-launching the FiberDoodles by K4TT Facebook Page in September 2014, in a span of 4 months, (Sept - Dec), FDbyK4TT gave away over $150.00 in free patterns and merchandise through Facebook Friends Friday Giveaways alone!

- Many new paid as well as free patterns have been launched including new Popular Favorites: Baby's First Plushie - Teddy - Add-Ons  


and Cuties...

I also shared a personal doodle that I made for my youngest daughter to give to her "friend" for Christmas - an 18.5" Minion!

and that was just within a short period of time and while all the craziness of the holiday season was taking place!  Imagine what sort of havoc I am going to wreak now that the holidays are over!!

So far, there have been a total of 5 NEW patterns to celebrate Valentine's Day 2 Free & 3 Paid (and.. although I know I am pushing it.. there's 3 more that I am trying to wrap up... if not, they'll be ready for next year!)

and re-released an older but very sweet favorite to Facebook!

So, as you can see - I've been creating and updating and doodling away... I've just not been logging into Blogger as much (FB is so much faster/easier) - so, if you are not already checking out FiberDoodles by K4TT on Facebook - you might want to start!

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