Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day & Back 2 School

Wow!  Really?  The Summer is over already?   But I got nothing done!!

Well, okay, so that is not entirely true.  It's been very busy for me here on the home front. One child going off to Middle School and the youngest entering into the 6th Grade!  
But truth be told, I am not a "Summer Person".. I have learned the older I get, the more I dislike the 3 H's of Summer (Hazy, Hot & Humid)  -  it's all fine and dandy if your a kid and enjoy playing in the pool all day..
but I am an artist - either by paper (which gets all wet n nasty in the humidity) or by fiber (which sticks to your sweaty fingers)...
so I am looking forward to Fall and of course, Winter!

There have been a FEW patterns released over the Summer Months.. I will post individual sales pages this week for the ones that I missed.. 
but just in case you missed them  (and can't wait for me to post them here) : 

There was the KISS Series Unicorn:

FiberDoodles Released 3 New Pillow Pals:

and 4 New "Simple Amigurumi" Projects

So I guess I didn't slack off too much :)  But there is so much more coming ...
and don't forget ... I will be having a "Giveaway" next month, with 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners... total retail value of over $50.00USD in prizes 
(and no, it's not just patterns... more information coming so keep watching for updates and how to win!!)

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Erin said...

Awesome!!! I love the pillow pal cow... well and ALL of your patterns to be exact. :P


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