Sunday, June 23, 2013

Preview & Tribute

I slipped on a windbreaker and headed down the hall. Running footsteps came up behind me. I was pretty sure who they belonged to. “I know you too well,” she said, catching up with me.” “What’s really wrong?”
I hesitated. “Well, I don’t know how this sounds, but I saw a picture today in the papers. A dolphin had drowned in a fishing net. From the way its body was tangled in the lines, you could read so much agony. Its eyes were vacant, yes there was still that smile, the one dolphins never lose, even when they die…” My voice trailed off.
She put her hand lightly in mine. “I know. I know.”
“No, you don’t know all of it yet. It’s not just that I felt sad, or had to face the fact that an innocent being had died. Dolphins love to dance—of all the creatures in the sea, that’s their mark. Asking nothing from us, they cavort in the waves while we marvel. They race ahead of ships, not to get there first but to tell us, ‘It’s all meant to be play. Keep to your course, but dance while you do it.’
“So there I was, in the middle of rehearsal, and I thought. ‘They’re killing a dance.’ And then it seemed only right to stop. I can’t keep the dance from being killed, but at least I can pause in memory, as one dancer to another. Does that make any sense?”
©2010 Getty Images/SeaWorld/CNN

I have always been fascinated by this planet's beautiful creatures and often wondered how they view "us".  Perhaps mostly, (and sadly), they see us as an invader into their own environment as "we" continue to progress in ours.  

©1987 Michael Jackson - Visit to Japan

Anyone who is as old as me, remembers seeing the movie Free Willy for the first time - released in 1993 by Warner Brothers.  The story is about a troubled whale taken from his ocean family and an even more troubled boy - both missing something and both finding 'that something' within one another.  
It is a heartwarming story, with 'victory' and happy endings all around - with almost everyone I knew, wishing that THEY could touch and play with a Killer Whale.  It looked fun and exciting... and oh, if only they made backyard pools big enough!
Sadly, that wasn't the a real story - just a Hollywood glamorization... in real life, while "Willy" was eventually 'freed', it didn't have such a happy ending.

This year's tribute is to honor two magnificent beings that I have been blessed to share my time on this Earth with.  Each having it's life restricted, while being admired for their entertainment value and beauty.

Save me
Heal me and bathe me
Softly you say to me
I will be there
But will you be there?

Feed me
Feed me and soothe me
When I'm lonely and hungry
Will you still share?
Will you still care?

Nurse me
Soothe me, don't leave me
When I'm hurting and bleeding
Bruised and bare
Will you still care?

Kiss me
Face me and kiss me
And when my heart is breaking
Will you still care?
Will you be there?

Lift me
Lift me up carefully
I'm weary and falling
I know you're there
But do you still care?
Dancing the Dream (a book of poems and reflections)
©1992 Michael Jackson/Doubleday

©2012 duwendemusic/Michael Jackson's : "Will You Be There" (acappella)

Keiko, my Killer Whale, will be released soon (goal is June 25th) - it is my deepest wish that the beauty of these creatures and the story about a 'longing to be free' inspires you to have a voice for the voiceless.  All the beautiful creatures we share this Earth with, need and deserve our respect, nurturing, protection and advocation.  

Until we learn this, we are no more superior to our animal counterparts, than a rock is to the dirt it rests upon.

Edit:  I received a message asking why I was talking about dolphins but releasing a pattern for an Orca.. simple.. Killer Whales/Orcas ARE Dolphins...

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