Monday, December 3, 2012

Migraine - Shmigraine

A headache isn't a headache when it's a migraine - but today was much better than the past few days so I was able to get much done!  (Not that it means much in the crochet world, but the house got decorated today for the holidays!!)

A glimpse into tomorrow..  
the Pillow Pal Reindeer will be offered up for sale for your crocheting pleasure tomorrow afternoon.
And later this week- another Handful and a NEW KISS for the holiday season!

I do have quite a few more on the way, including some "gosyo/Pierrot Yarns" inspired amigurumis; which the youngest people told me, "if she didn't have to hand out for her classmates, she would just DIE!!" after seeing a photo on one of my adventures around ""  (Actually I was commenting on a doodle that a client made, who had also made the freebie bear and my daughter fell in love with THAT!)

and of course, another Kitty (or should I say "Bad Kitty") treat that I regularly make for shelters and feline gift-giving.

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Ethan Kotlarczyk said...

So glad you were feeling well enough to decorate. That can sometimes feel like a weight on ones shoulders until it's done. Can't wait for the new patterns.:)

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