Sunday, November 4, 2012

A New Month

but the same ole' same ole!

I was planning on doing a 'Trick or Treat' on my blog, (like I've done for the past several years) and hand out a free pattern or 2 - but Sandy took care of that now didn't she?

She was a nasty, nasty girl and there are still so many without power... 

Many of my mentors and clients reside on the East Coast and have greatly been affected by Sandy and her fury.  So instead of Tricks or Treats - I am going to put up a freebie or 2 for Christmas (once they are designed and checked).  These will only be available for a LIMITED TIME.  Then they will be on sale in the storefront(s).  So let's not have any of the snide little comments on Ravelry about "how something seems 'shady'".  

Later this week, there is going to be a "Cat Freebie"- one that I make every year for kitties in shelters.. but you could, with a little mathematics, use it for a dog also.  

In addition, there are 2 Baby Items which will be going up in the shop(s) this week (One photo'd above).  I had hoped for a 3rd- but alas, with so much going on and the Hub working 18hr days, I've been very distracted.  And  a *New* K.I.S.S. Series Critter that will be up this week.

So keep watching and if you don't feel like watching - subscribe to the eMail updates so that you know when I've posted an update.


Ethan Kotlarczyk said...

I was wondering how you fared! Happy to see you made it through the storm.:)Wendy

Trixstar said...

Baby patterns - exciting! Good to hear you are ok :)

Erin said...

Can't wait to see what your wonderful creative mind has come up with this time! I also am very happy you survived the storm.


Southern Sewing Mama said...

So very thankful that you are alright!! Can't wait to see whats going up!!

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