Monday, September 3, 2012

Return to Sender!

Please take a moment to check that your eMail address associated with your paypal account is accurate and up-to-date.  (It has been 10+ years since I established a Paypal account, but I thought that a verification eMail was sent?)  Perhaps you had to recently change it due to a service provider change?  Took too long to log into an old eMail account and it was deactivated?  It could be any 1 of 100 different reasons... however,    and  are going to reach 2 entirely different inboxes or one may be bounced back because it simply doesn't exist.  (and you wouldn't believe how many times I have typed the latter as my eMail address!  So much, I own both, just in case!)

When I send out patterns, I mail them to the eMail address associated with the PayPal account purchasing the pattern.  On 3 separate occasions this past week alone, patterns have been sent to wrong eMail addresses due to errors in the buyer's eMail address provided to me from their paypal account.  (I copy/paste from the payment stub I receive - although I am error prone, even I have a hard time creating a typo with a simple eMail addy copy/paste job.) 

This is incredibly frustrating, time consuming and completely avoidable.  Irate people demanding refunds, clients upset they've not received their order and Fiberdoodles stuck in the middle not sure if a stolen credit card is to blame, blatant fraud/larceny or just a simple typographical error. 

With so many people online, it is completely possible that someone has a nearly identical eMail address as you.  So please, check your accuracy with your paypal account prior to ordering.