Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gearing Up for Holiday Charity Work

September has just flew past!!  I mean, in the blink of an eye so it would seem!
My health has been poor over the last month and I apologize for not updating the blog - but some things cannot be helped.

So, what's coming up?
Well, as always at this time of year - online commissions are now closed until after the holidays.  I will begin working solely on my charity works for raffles and give-aways from now until December 28th.  Commissions will resume about the first week in January.

I recently updated the sales links from this blog to utilize's Instant Download capabilities for the majority of my patterns.  This means that if you purchase one of the patterns from my blog with the little white "Buy Now" button, it is available to you for immediate download.  There are only a few (newest) patterns which will still have to be shipped via eMail address - but my hopes is that the Instant Download will appease the desire for instant availability of your purchase.  My hope is that this will be mutually appreciated.  (It is also an attempt at getting away from - as their fees are the highest amongst all the venues where FiberDoodles by K4TT patterns are currently offered to the public).

The Let Down :(
FiberDoodles by K4TT had planned to release several 'home products' as well as some clothing and baby items, such as hats, scarves, booties, rattles, blankets, etc.  Unfortunately, due to my health, I have been unable, as of yet, to expand the FiberDoodles line in this direction.  Although, I am still going to strive to get a few things out and see what everyone thinks. There were also several patterns, including a bookworm and a character named "Swoops", which were completed and tested - but sadly, did not make their themed deadline for release - in other words, they are "Summer or End of Summer" based.  The Bookworm will be released in the Spring of 2013, for end of school gift giving if desired, and the remainder, closer to the Summer 2013 season.  

There are 4 new handfuls which will be out very soon (in fact, 1 either tonight or tomorrow) and several larger projects upcoming for this holiday season.  And of course the KISS Series has a few new friends that will be added as well (You didn't think they were all done did you?! )
Out of sight means only more productivity, so keep watching!!

I am still looking for artisans who have utilized FiberDoodles by K4TT patterns to make items for charity or sale.  If you would like to share your finished items with my readers (and possibly make a sale on a finished item you've created), please eMail me with your Shop Name, your eMail address and a link to where the item can be found.  If the piece proceeds are going to a charitable cause, a little information on the charity would also be appreciated.  This is open to all Doodlers - foreign and domestic.


Crochetamommy said...

A place to check out to sell online is

I just opened a store there. it is free to sell. no fees (unless you want to upgrade the package)

I also try to do charity work. If things do not sell that i have listed in my shop, they will go to charity right before christmas this year.


Southern Sewing Mama said...

So excited can't wait!!

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