Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pardon My Silence...

Well, not just my brain - our town and surrounding areas.  Saturday it began raining and didn't let up until yesterday (Hmm, that is unfair.  In truth, what rain we had yesterday was merely a drizzle... but it still counts!)  We didn't know to ready the pumps or prepare an ark.  And the winds played havoc with my power - in and out.. in and out..

Anyone who lives near any body of water during a 'rain event' can appreciate the fact that excess water causes problems with waters overcoming their natural boundaries...
such is the case with my town and towns around me.
We even made the news.. 

It's put me a little behind schedule, but there are still many patterns on their way to you :)
Including Bea - a real honey of a bear.
Back to work I go, but keep an eye on FiberDoodles :)


Stacey Hunter said...

Oh no! Hope you don't have too much damage! Looking forward to your upcoming patterns, but obviously you have a lot going on! Stay safe! And by the way... LOVE the quote you started with! Absolutely love it!!!

Anonymous said...

So sorry you are having so much rain, hope it clears up for you soon...please stay safe and take care....

K4TT said...

Thank you very much for you comments both here and in eMail :)
We are 'okay' - it's not the first time this area has flooded, it was just a surprise as Nor'Easters usually are a 'Winter' event and not-so-much a Spring/Summer thing.
All is safe and sound here and the rain has, for the most part, left.
We've had some serve thunderboomers, but they are fleeting and .. well, it's kind of funny - their 'Booms' have been much worse than their bites (rain) - lasting maybe 30 mins. and then the Sun fights it's way back out :)

My associate has already finished testing on another KISS, which, fingers crossed can be released tomorrow.

Puglette said...

I found your blog after my pattern purchase and I am happy to read through your posts. I read your iced coffee post and have a suggestion for you. I love iced coffee too. Have you tried making cold brewed coffee? It makes a delicious iced coffee, a bit richer and smoother. There are many recipes online, it is really easy! I hope you give it a try!

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