Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gearing Up -

This week has been .. well, it's been a week!

Monday, it POURED!  And I do mean poured - was more like a dreary winter day than a life-giving Spring day..
But I was able, in between whining about the bad weather and closing windows because it was that bone chilling cold inside the house, I began making progress on adding the word "pattern" to all my current patterns on

Why?  Well aside from the occasional "I thought I was buying the finished doll." and having to cancel an order - or whatever - I will eventually begin listing Finished Models/Items within the shop you are already familiar with.
I need to re-establish a P.O. Box first, but wanted to be prepared - so within the next few weeks, you will begin seeing "finished items" listed as well as patterns.
(and yes - I do have 1 complete set of the "Tribute Characters" that will be going up.)

In addition, I have also been instructed on how to add the 'shopping cart' to this blog - Yeah!!  So, those who wish to make multiple purchases without leaving the FiberDoodles Blog will be able to do so.  It is time consuming, but I hope to have all buttons done by midweek at the latest.

I hope that these changes will make your FiberDoodles experience even better.  I am always seeking new ways to make things easier for my clients.  If you have a suggestion, please feel free to eMail me at fiberdoodles [at] gmail [dot] com.  I will be happy to take them under advisement.

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