Saturday, April 7, 2012

Etsy - "How I Do Things"

I received an eMail this morning asking about why I do not renew listings on .. that reminded me of an eMail I received (and answered) several months ago asking about another 'odd' thing I do regarding the FiberDoodles by K4TT shop...

So.. to clear things up so there are no misunderstandings ..

"Why do you make new listings for your products?  When I put it in my favorites, and it sells, then I have to go favorite it again.  I keep things I want to buy in my favorites and it is annoying to have to favorite things over and over again!"

I do not 'renew' the sold copy for one reason - I watch the page views.  If the page views are low, then that shows little interest in any particular item.  While I do not like that I am causing anyone more work; keeping an eye on what is getting viewed not only keeps me creating in the right direction, but also keeps costs low. charges a fee to list a product, if page views are not re-set to zero, I could waste time designing a similar style item that no one is interested in or continue to list items which are not in demand.
All of my patterns are always available here, on the FiberDoodlesbyK4TT blog.

"Why did you wait to leave feedback? I didn't get a picture, but I paid you on time."

This is one of the policies which I do not like with regards to I value feedback greatly in all areas where I do business.  To me, feedback is your reputation, a company or person who has a string of 'negative comments' about services or interactions - I know is a risky transaction and personally, I weigh that against the desire to do business with them. 
I am not being lazy or forgetful.  I used to leave feedback immediately after marking an item as "shipped" and sending out the obligatory "you pattern has been sent" message.  But it happened, that I had someone steal from the shop.  I had already given them positive feedback and was not allowed to change it.  
This was not a "tit for tat", but I respect many of my fellow designers and I know that many designers look at someone's feedback before accepting orders - especially for large orders or order which are for finished items, which will take up valuable resources to complete.  Leaving feedback that is not accurate does little good and protects no one.

My feedback blurbs are as follows...
Positive Feedback with a photo and the blurb "Thank you for your purchase. Immediate payment!  Enjoy your pattern!"  (or variation) is left for someone who leaves feedback or communicates receipt via eMail or message upon receipt of purchase.
Positive Feedback with no photo and the blurb "Thank you for your purchase. Immediate payment!  Enjoy your pattern!" is left for someone who does not leave feedback or communicate with me to let me know they have received their pattern, but more than 30 days has passed.

I would never want someone to leave for FDbyK4TT, less than truthful feedback, as I value my feedback, not only to keep me working diligently to please my clients - but to allow your fellow crafters to know that FDbyK4TT is a reliable seller with a good record and return customers. (which speaks volumes!)

Please, NEVER be afraid to ask me questions.  I would rather take a moment to answer what someone might consider to be a "stupid question", than to have you leave my shop with an uneasy feeling.

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