Sunday, March 18, 2012

Flip? Flipp? Flippin?

Oh it's a Frog!  :)
Here is your first real look at Flip the Frog. 

Admittedly, frogs are not my favorite of all nature's creatures.. although, when I see them in my garden; I often just have to hold them for a minute or find a nice juicy worm to feed them, before allowing them to go on their merry way.. (yeah, I am weird like that.. the Mother in me, have to make sure everyone eats..)...
but Flip really has stolen my heart.. I don't think I am going to let him get adopted out.

I think it's those big, soulful eyes of his that got me.  Or maybe it's just that he looks so sad because it took me nearly a month to finish him up and give him a name...
Standing, he is roughly 12 inches in height and about 7 inches wide at his largest point.  I placed him here will JellyBean (sold separately) so that you could see just how well they compliment each other.  
Boys and Frogs.. a natural match right?  Even in the Bunny world.

Flip has been sent off to an associate, as of a few minutes ago, and I will begin work on a photo tutorial for his adorable webbed feet later this afternoon to be included in the pdf which should be out later this week.


yaseminkale said...


Stacey Chaffee said...

I love frogs! You seem to always make my favorite creatures. The only one missing so far is a snowy owl ;)

Connie said...

Snowy owl, I must check the patterns.

K4TT said...

No Snowy Owl yet - for that I must do research.. I love owls, but aside from the classic looking stereotype, I wouldn't know where to begin. Can't say never - but no plans as of yet.

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