Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wow! That's About All I Can Say.

October was one heck of a month!  
Aside from many medical issues, which kept me more in bed viewing the world passing by rather than enjoying it - it's the introduction to the 'Holiday Season'.

Within the past few weeks- Wow!  That is all I can say ..

I won't go into all of it, but seriously, where have manners gone?
Remember "thank you"?  Have people become so self-absorbed to remember those 2 very small, but incredibly formidable words?  Very Sad!

Perfect timing perhaps... as November is the time when we - even if only superficially and for one day - "give thanks".

People often ask me "Why.." - "Why don't you just sell your patterns?  Why give quality patterns away for free?  So-n-So doesn't do it....  You need to stop just giving your talent away".   (taken from an actual eMail omitting the other designer(s) names of course!)
And I tell you, through the month of October, I began to ask myself the same question.

But through all the selfish...
through all of the "it's all about me" ugliness...
that has seemingly blanketed September and October like those fake cobwebs clumped up on the dying leaves of a New England Autumn slumbering tree- 
Thursday, I received an eMail from one of my blog viewers and it truly brightened my weekend and reminded me "why".

Ailsa is a blog viewer only - to the best of my knowledge, she is not a 'follower' or 'client' or 'friend'.  This was the first time she'd contacted me.. and why?
Not to ask me questions about sales or remind me how tough times are asking for a free pattern ... but to give me, Katt, a gift.  
A wonderfully unselfish gift of the heart.

Ailsa used her imagination and creativity and the Giraffe Pillow Pal as a base - and created gifts of her own for small children in her family.

"Hi, My name is Ailsa and I absolutely love your patterns, I have made the giraffe for one of my nephews and he takes it everywhere with him, his baby brother has started wanting it so I decided to make him one but realized they would be the same, so I made the giraffe but in cow colours! So I thought Id show you so you could use it if you wanted, the pattern is the same the only difference is the bits of black on his back which I just made up as I stitched and the udders which is basically a circle and a few smaller versions of the ossicornes.
I hope you like it
Thank you for your fantastic patterns and your clear instructions!"

My heart is light  -  my eyes ready to burst with tear and my nose tingling.  Not only sharing that I have inspired - that one of my patterns has benefited a child - that the child adores the doodle created.. Ailsa and my clients and blog viewers like her, give me a gift each time they share such heart warming stories with me.  

Ailsa, check your eMail - while you are most welcome to use your creativity for your reindeer needs, I have taken the liberty of eMailing you the KISS Reindeer as well as the entire KISS Easter Collection.

Many Blessings to you and yours. 
May thankfulness and generosity be as inspirational and contagious as humanly possible.  Pay It Forward is more than a 'movie' - it's a state of well-being.


Erins Toy Store said...

:') That was very touching! Thank you for sharing your wonderful story as well!!!


Anonymous said...


Linda said...

How wonderful, I am so pleased to hear that someone appreciates your amazing talent and generosity enough to contact you and share their story and wonderful ideas , thank you also for sharing it with us.

We are all truly blessed to have such a wonderful designer as you that shares your talent so freely. Thank you for all you share.

Hugs from your friend x

Ailsa said...

Hi K4TT,
I hope youre are feeling better!
Thank you so much for the patterns you sent me, I love them!
My nephew is over the moooon with the cow (get it? moooo...n! yeah terrible I know)
Thank you again for sharing your fantastic talent with us all, youre obviously a generous and thoughtful person which sadly is becoming rare.
Keep up the good work and keep smiling :)

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