Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The "Name Her" Angel - Winner

First let me say:

Thank you to ALL who participated!  I truly enjoyed reading your stories/reasons for the name you chose as well as the beautiful names you came up with.
Sadly, there can only be 1 winner in a contest... right?
Well.. there will only be 1 winner for the K.I.S.S. Angel Pattern - but all entries will receive a Mini K.I.S.S. Reindeer Pattern as a consolation prize - emailed to you later this week.
So everyone is a winner!

Each name was copied and pasted to notepad and assigned a number - (that way I 'couldn't remember who said what - well except for Erin... lol).  If multiple names were contained within a single post - only the first name was accepted.  
2) Gabriella
3) Katrine
4) Nevaeh
5) Camille
6) Angelina
7) Betty
8) Mathilda
9) Sarafina
10) Cookie
11) Katherine
12) Mimi
13) Tindra
14) Adora
15) Asrai
16) Yarnella
17) Amelia
18) Laura Lynn
19) Ruth
20) Celeste
21) rose
22) alexis rose
23) Thalia
24) Arianna
25) Erin
26) Aurélia
27) Angelika
28) Adri
29) Harmony
30) maya

Then using the Randomizer at http://www.random.org these number values where placed in the drawing.

the winner of the K.I.S.S. Angel Pattern and the Angel's New name...  Maya

Congratulations Maya's Mommy - Your pattern will be eMailed to you shortly.


WolleWahn said...

Congratulation for the winner!!

mayasmommie said...

i'm so happy....thanks so much for your amazing patterns, and now making one for my amazing little maya is in store!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Maya! Beautiful name, beautiful angel, beautiful Designer! :) Claudia

melsdaisypatch said...

Congratulations to Maya's mommy and Maya because she will be the one snuggleing this sweet angel. Thank you for blessing all of us with a pattern also. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

mayasmommie said...

i can't wait to catch up and make her one....it's killing me not to do it first

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