Saturday, September 10, 2011

Oh! No! It's Too Soon...

The dead they sleep a long, long sleep;
The dead they rest, and their rest is deep;
The dead have peace, but the living weep.

~Samuel Hoffenstein

I feel as if I should say some words, as in an eulogy - as, at the very least, the monitor on my Toshiba computer - the computer which has been at my side through the past few years bringing you FiberDoodles; has slipped away into the dark abyss.
It could have been the storm, sending a surging, blinding power to the already strained circuits... or it could have just been it's time to move on and make room for a newer model. 

I could say, I am in mourning - but that would be silly.  How can you mourn an object which cannot show anything in return?  However, I am in despair..

Along with losing the monitor, I may have lost doodles!!  Many doodles!  Doodle parts and doodle ideas and doodle inspirations.

Regrettably, this morning, I had to removed several of the most recent doodles from the shop as I have no current way to fill the orders.  And the "Sad Donkey" - well please say a prayer as he is still on the desktop in txt form on the old computer..

I will keep you informed as soon as I know the fate of 'Ole Faithful'... if you wanted to purchase one of the newest doodles: send me a message on Etsy and I will alert you when I am able to relist them for sale.

Although, I've tried to be a little light-hearted with this post; I am deeply sorry if this causes anyone any inconvenience.