Monday, April 11, 2011

Chickens, Hens, Eggs and Enjoyment

Yesterday, while on the road - well actually while I was waiting for the Hub to finish doing whatever it is men do when they are in the automotive section of a store and have limited car knowledge…
I was reading a fellow crafter’s blog..
Some may know her.. Sara of Crafting for Greyhounds
Recently she had lost some chickens due to a neighboring fox… well she had gotten 6 new chickens from a place called Little Hens Rescue

I had no idea that poultry lived in such hellish conditions just so people can have their breakfast omelets.. not a lot of farmlands around my neighborhood; so this was quite an eye opener.
If you have enjoyed the Chicken & Egg Pattern freebie, please consider a donation to this establishment (or one like it) to help these birds have a chance at a real life. The website linked above will take donations as little as 1.00£ and a full year is as little as 20.00£  Little Hens Rescue

So sad! I will never look at an egg the same again. I seriously need to revisit my vegetarian plan…

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