Sunday, October 10, 2010

Some Sad News

You may have noticed that I've not put up a new entry, despite the steady flow I'd previously gotten into...

My child, who carries a diagnosis of Autism, is having severe issues adjusting to her new teachers, schedule, peers and workload.  So severe, we are actually considering home schooling; rather than continuing to allow the psychological damage that is currently being done by the school.  I've had to spend more time with the school in the past weeks than I care to admit, and they refuse to admit that they may not be adequately equipped/staffed to handle the needs of my child.

It goes without saying, that family comes first.  And while I continue to work on these issues, I may find it necessary to slack somewhat on more non-essential forms of communication.  

I do have assistance with the shop, so those of you who are clientele will NOT see any disruption to the service you've come to expect from FiberDoodles by K4TT. I will still be available to help, should the need arise and patterns (new and older) will still be available to you for purchase in the shop.  However, this blog and my *new* FaceBook page(s) may be a little slower to update.  In addition, orders handled by 'staff', may not seem as personal as you have come accustomed to.

I have built a good rapport with many of my loyal clientele base - which is why I am writing to you this morning.  While I am trying to run my small shop - I also feel as if I owe it to my clientele to disclose this 'personal' information.
Thank you for your continued support during this time.