Monday, October 11, 2010

A Shining Example of a TRUE Role Model for Children!

As I blogged on yesterday, my daughter is having problems in school - so this evening on the weekly call home to speak with my Momma, the subject of school came up and of course - her favorite person in the world - Capt. Jack Sparrow.

Now, Mr. Depp has been quoted as to not having a great deal of apathy for the US and it's leaders;  even choosing to live abroad - but you've got to respect this man for his interest in children and his encouragement of the young mind... even if they are only looking for his help to 'mutiny' against their teachers.

More television and screen personalities should follow this lead!  Especially those who are considered the "tops" or 'most sought after' in their fields!  What better way to show the children of today the generosities of the heart, than by lighting up the face of a child for the mere sake of a smile!  
(For anyone thinking this was a press/photo op or some sort of PotC ploy - the school was given only 10 minutes notice Capt Jack was on his way - to make ready.. )

Bravo Mr. Depp - er um.. 
Captain... Captain Jack Sparrow.  You truly are an upstanding gentlemen, who would merit an invitation to any high-toned and fancy to-do; despite the desire to raid, pillage, plunder and otherwise pilfer your weasely black guts out.