Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New KISS Members & Questions 2B Answered

In one fail swooping into my online DoodleWorld - I am going to try to accomplish a few things, in a very limited time. (and apparently upset the blogger spelling/grammer check - as it just lit the entire last section with a red line.. hee hee)

First Up:
Anyone who watches my etsy Shop knows that the KISS Series has a total of 8 critters with a few more on the way.
Turtle, Lion, Elephant, Reindeer (pictured above) 
Zebra, Giraffe, Piglet, Monkey
I've had a lot of positive feedback on them and they work up so quickly, they'd make perfect Holiday gifts in no time flat.

I've received a few messages on ravelry (sorry it took me so long to get to you, I rarely log into ravelry anymore), on etsy and via email regarding selling of the finished items made from my patterns.
There are restrictions, but YES, you may sell your finished items.  

The RESTRICTIONS are as follows:  
 - You may NOT sell on etsy or ebay - this is in direct competition with me and there is no wiggle room. 
 - While a link back would be greatly appreciated, it is not required.  However, you MUST let your buyer know that you are NOT affiliated with FiberDoodles by K4TT.  You are NOT an authorized agent of FiberDoodles by K4TT and that FiberDoodles by K4TT is to be held harmless of any purchases made between you and your buyer.
 - You MUST use your own photographs of your own finished works.  My photographs remain my own intellectual property and are only online to help aide in your decision to purchase a pattern, to help you complete a doodle and/or to sell one of my own completed doodles. 

and finally.. Third:
I've received a handful of etsy messages asking if I will offer a 'sale' or 'group rate' for several patterns.
The short answer.. "NO"
The longer answer.. before I list any of my patterns, I research to see if there is anything online similar in structure, complexity and design quality.  I figure in the costs of replacing the yarn used to create a pattern, the cost in which to list/sell (etsy) and receive payment pattern (paypal), then derive a fair price based on that.  I do NOT mark up patterns, so therefore there is really no deals to make.

This also keeps all things fair and unbias.  I have regular clientele who purchase patterns the day they are listed - others who wait until they have a better view on monthly finances.  Keeping a low cost and fair pricing policy across the board is the only way to avoid sour feelings.

Kindest Regards,