Thursday, September 16, 2010

Scratching His Way Out

This rowdy little fella can't wait to get into the shop and into your hands so that you can work him up for that special little cub in your pride!

He's been scratching and pacing in his file for 2 full days now..
A few more photos, and he will join the rest of the K.I.S.S. Zoo at FiberDoodlesbyK4TT

*Sadly, I have a few more 'pieces' of K.I.S.S. critters (Koala, Bee, Hippo and Elephant) to finish up on and then I will most likely be putting the K.I.S.S. Series away until after the Holidays... 
I've not run out of ideas, mind you...
.. but I've got a basket full of neglected Doodles who would like their debut in the shop as well.

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Szydełkowe czary-mary said...

SUPER !!!!!!!!!!!

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