Thursday, September 23, 2010


When I was a wee little girl, holidays were always a source of sheer joy!  Whether it was giving out handmade Valentines to classmates or making a Hand-Print turkey for Mom's fridge; holidays were always magical and exciting.

Probably the 2nd favorite holiday was Halloween.  Unfortunately, candy couldn't hold a candle to Christmas, with Santa's bounty of wishes and surprises under the tree.  But when I was a child, Halloween meant sugar highs and handmade costumes.  It was a time when you didn't have to run to the store and purchase the newest high fructose delectable .. a candied or caramel apple or popcorn ball was just as appetizing as a Snicker's bar.

It was a safer time, when neighborhood Moms would ban together, kids in tow - Dad's minding the Candy (well, there were a few Dads who couldn't be trusted with the candy, so Dad would have to walk with the Moms... but that's another story huh?)  Houses would be decorated with all manner of witch and ghost and every house along the route would look forward to receiving the onslaught of monsters, clowns and royalty.   In fact, the worst part of Halloween was checking out the 'bag-o-loot' and finding that 1/3 of it were either the mints, like the type your Grandmother carried in her purse.. or .. Candy Corn.  .. the "adult  candies "...

Now. . . I know there are those of you out there who may enjoy Candy Corn... but did you when you were 6?  Okay Okay...
Well, I didn't. Candy Corn was the only treat in the bag which could still be found in the candy bowl 2 weeks later... long after the Atomic Fire Balls, Lemonheads, Gobstoppers, Bazooka Bubble Gum, Pixy Stix, Now & Laters, Wax Lips, Candy Cigarettes, Necklaces, Buttons and Bottle Caps were gone.
Hee Hee..
brings back memories huh?  It does me..

But back on task here.. 
I have always had a mental block and physical distaste for Candy Corns... even though, when you stop and think about it - they symbolize Halloween.  
So, time to find some redeeming quality in a candy that  I've hated for more than 30 years...

Introducing Little Corn, who with a Size G hook and standing about 6 inches high, is enough to impress even this Candy Corn Hatin' gal.  He is only available with the purchase of his much larger cousin  - CD Candy Corn


Amy said...

He is too dang cute, I love candy corns!!!especially ones with legs!

Erins Toy Store said...

OH MY, MY, MY! The memories!!! Oh you brought tears of joy to my face thinking of all the good times, and the CANDY!!!

Well he is just the cutest little guy! You still never cease to amaze me.


Big Girl Jewelry said...

OMG! I gotta' buy me some white yarn!

I decorate with candy corn everywhere but I still won't eat it. "Harvest Corn" (the kinda' chocolatey one with the brown stripe in it) is the only type I'll even consider eating.

Yeah, the candy... Halloween is still my favorite holiday. Problem is that I know so many parents who throw out the candy for fear of what might be in it that I now give out stickers.

Genevieve said...

Is it ironic that I'm sitting here eating a bag of candy corn as I'm reading this? lol My bag also has pumpkins, yum and those candy corn with brown butts, eww. Love the little guys expression.

Anonymous said...

He's adorable! I came looking to see if your Turkey was ready since Canadian thanksgiving is in 3 days but this little guy will do :)

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