Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Little Cooperation!!

Just a little cooperation would be appreciated at this point!

I have had a rough couple of days, since last I posted - some issues with 'the people' in school, some weather issues, some pet issues.. and this past weekend... some mechanical issues (which had me shopping for a new washing machine instead of crocheting)...
but the worst of it.. some 'color issues'

I am working on 2 sets "Spring Friends" that I had hoped to put up into my etsy shop on yesterday - but, I am really not happy with the color combination of one of the friends.  Usually, the photos I take, don't do my critters justice - in the case of 'Froggy' it is the exact opposite.  He takes a better photograph (blurry though it may be - due to rain and fog yesterday) than he looks in the .. fiber :)

So today, I will continue reworking him, so that I can get Set II up into my etsy store as quickly a possible..

huh?  oh.. a preview???

Each of these little cuties IS pose-able - with arms and legs that bend or can be wrapped around an Easter Basket... 
They work up really fast (1 tester had 2 done in just over 2 hours)

Keep an eye on the blog and the shop for details :)