Saturday, January 23, 2010

Layla the Lovebug Amigurumi Pattern

Layla the Lovebug *pattern* is up in the Etsy Shop for purchase.  She would have been up last night, but a trusted friend urged me to take more photos of her for the pdf file.  Currently I am not selling the finished doll - I am trying to make her a counterpart (however, I seriously doubt I will be able to have him completed and tested before February 14th - but we will see.)

I am also working on a freebie for my blog inspired by my children and their insatiable appetite for things that are pink and purple.  I am hoping to have that and another Valentine's Day item completed by this Weekend.  (It's all just a matter of writing up the patterns at this point.)

And then there is poor ole Polar Pal Phred who's been lying around for the past 2 weeks without any legs.  Well, you'll be happy to learn that his legs have arrived - along with a tail... and a few photographs later accompanied by a few more keystrokes; and he will join the rest of his Polar Pals in my etsy shop.