Saturday, October 10, 2009

And so.. it begins...

I had planned so very much over the past month.
Things I wanted to make, things I wanted to design and things I wanted to .. well - just get done. Most of which sit, undone, unmade and unwritten.

As many of my friends already know, I have a compromised immune system due to some childhood issues. As a result, I get sick very easily and very often - especially during this time of year (the change).

And well, not much has changed over past years. No amount of hand-washing, counter-top sanitizing or orange juice drinking seems to help.

With that out of the way, along with some minor bruising from a recent IV and a whole slue of unanswered emails, unfinished objects and half written designs - I take this minute to update.

RE: the Lineman Doll and Michael Jackson Doll:
I've gotten over a dozen requests for one or the other over the past week... I am sorry to say that I do NOT have patterns written for either one. At the time of each project it was a passion to complete the item and I had no intentions of making either for sale or to distribute freely here on my blog.
I can offer only suggestions on how to make your own.

Use ANY basic doll pattern which you like the body and head for. Owlishly, ShadyCreations, and Pepika all have great doll bodies (depending on what size doll you are intending to make) Look at FEET, Head and BODY SHAPE (not all the little add ons like dresses, fruits or embellishments)

DO NOT follow doll instructions with regards to SIZE/Gauge - Colors to be used- ETC
Instead, use you imagination - a Line Worker, generally will wear a Jumpsuit (1 piece with a zippered front) Michael, well there are quite a few 'visual' clues which will show your intention of the doll.

Have a picture of what you'd like the doll to resemble once completed - IT DOES NOT HAVE TO MATCH EXACTLY!

It is important to remember, you are NOT attempting to make a mirrored image - you are merely making an artistic interpretation of someone/thing else.

For size, do not be afraid of small hooks and small yarns. Not everything needs to be completed in WW. There is baby yarn and sports yarns which work up very nicely for smaller projects and which you could probably get away with using a hook (metal) size 4, 5 or 6 without great difficulty (I generally use an 8 or 7 - but I am used to using small small hooks on yarn).
Also remember that with smaller projects, more detail is actually a downfall.
Keep it very simple and very basic to what is absolutely needed to make the distinction to who/what the item is.
(Ie. I could have attempted to add the logos to both the jumpsuit and hard had of the lineman, or the pinstriping in Michael's Smooth Criminal suit. it would have been overkill and taken away from the finished product.)

Take your time!!

This type of project... something as 'unfamiliar' as a Lineman or a Famous Person, is often done of love - that is what should be reflected in the project - and that is something that can't be written neatly into a pdf file, no matter how many instructional photos you include.

Tweezers are going to be one of your best buds in a small project!!! have them handy at all times - not only for stuffing, but for removing stuffing if needed, and the fine hairs of the stuffing that you can usually just brush away with larger projects.

DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED by smaller projects!!
Yes, they are smaller. Yes it puts a bit more strain on the wrists and the eyes...
but do not allow the thought of working smaller deter you - in many ways, it is easier than working a larger project!

Good luck!
and please let me see your finished items!!!